Alex is a recurring character in the Walkyverse, having appeared in Roomies! and It's Walky!. He has also had minor appearances in Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age.


First Appearance: Roomies! October 14, 1997
Affiliations: Indiana University, SEMME
YOB: 1978
Weight: 192 lbs
Alex (Known on the net as DarkPower451, and to cops as DorkPooper64) is a computer nerd of the old school - Slashdot, usenet, hacking sites, the works. He spends his whole time sitting in front of a computer, and barely interacts with anything that is not in 1024x768. He's happy with who he is and is not going to budge out of it.


Alex attended the same university as Danny Wilcox, Joe Rosenthal, and co., although rarely interacted with them - or with anyone that communicated by voice rather than by text, for that matter. Most of his waking hours were occupied surfing the Internet and hacking into sensitive information - such as the revelation of the existence of Aliens. He roomed with David Willis for at least part of his time at IU.

Later, he was discovered hacking into the SEMME computers for fun, and, finding that a Quake BFG had no effect in real life, bargained his way into a job as SEMME sysadmin.

When SEMME was being shut down, and Alex had the only working internet connection, Joe was desperate to use his computer to arrange to meet Supergirl79 in real life, Robin managed to get Alex to release his deathgrip on the computer by sticking her tongue down his ear. She then nearly vomited. Alex would attempt to retaliate by stealing the computer's SHIFT key, but Joe sent his message anyway and left.


  • David Willis was his roommate.
  • Pretends to be a millionaire playboy online.
  • Though the name DarkPower451 looks sort of like Supergirl79, he doesn't pretend to be a girl on the internet any more.
  • Used to frequent the same chat room as Amber O'Malley.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Alex doa
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age January 12, 2011

Alex was the instructor for A110: Introduction to Computers and Computer Science. His teaching style was best described as "hands-off".

One day, a woman also going by that name appeared in his place as class instructor, claiming that he was wanted by the FBI for cybercrimes and has likely fled to Bulmeria.[1]

Trivia: Edit

  • Because of her showboating ways, Alex was not fond of Amber O'Malley.
  • Alex was one of the only characters based on Willis' actual friends from the Walkyverse to appear in Dumbing of Age, because he felt that his version of Alex had a different characterization. When the actual Alex, now openly a trans woman, made contact with Willis again, he decided that the original Alex has outlived his usefulness to the strip and replaced him with the new Alex, with a different, kinder characterization. Willis has decided that it is to remain unclear whether the new Alex, also a trans woman, had transitioned from the original Alex, and he is allowing members of the fandom to promote their own headcanons in regards to her previous presentation.[2]

References Edit

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