Alex is a character in Dumbing of Age.

First Appearance: January 10, 2017

Dumbing of AgeEdit

One day, Alex showed up as the instructor in Danny and Amber's Introduction to Computers and Computer Science class, replacing the previous instructor, a man also named Alex, as he was supposedly wanted by the FBI on cybercrimes charges and had fled to Bulmeria.[1]


  • The original Alex was one of the only characters based on Willis' actual friends from the Walkyverse to appear in Dumbing of Age, because he felt that his version of Alex had a different characterization. When the actual Alex, now openly a trans woman, made contact with Willis again, he decided that the original Alex has outlived his usefulness to the strip and replaced him with the new Alex, with a different, kinder characterization. Willis has decided that it is to remain unclear whether the new Alex, also a trans woman, had transitioned from the original Alex, and he is allowing members of the fandom to promote their own headcanons in regards to her previous presentation. [2]

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