Andy O'Brien
First Appearance: It's Walky! 7 September 2003
Squadron(s): Squadron 82

Andy O'Brien is a minor character in It's Walky!. As a SEMME agent, he served as a member of Squadron 82, alongside Agatha, Robin DeSanto, Rachel, and Travis.


In 2003, all members of Squad 82 save Agatha were seriously injured in action during an unspecified mission, putting them out of commission for a week. Andy eventually recovered, and was present when Mike Warner was first introduced to the rest of the squad. Unlike most of his squadmates, Andy's ultimate fate is still unknown.


  • Like many minor Walkyverse characters, Andy didn't get a formal name until David Willis began reposting his old comics. He's named after his real-life lookalike Conan O'Brien and his sidekick, Andy Richter.

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