The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious region south of Florida reportedly responsible for a significant number of ship and aircraft disappearances. In the Walkyverse, the Triangle is significant as the location of the Martian Embassy.

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With the help of the Sensitive Scanner, the Head Alien was able to locate the Embassy's ruins, but was stymied by the Embassy's security system, which required Martian DNA to access the facility proper. To solve this little problem, he attacked Squadron 37, which was patrolling the area, hoping to draw Sal to him.

After weathering the initial onslaught, Lith called for backup and SEMME responded by sending several squadrons under the command of Anthony McHenry himself. The squads ran afoul of the Tarantuguns protecting the embassy, but eventually made their way inside the embassy to face the Head Alien.

Some time later, Squadron 37 returned to the Triangle to find the Anti-Head Alien. However, squad member Hooper turned into a zombie and killed most of his squad before Lith finally managed to decapitate him. She then returned to SEMME with the Anti-Head Alien (and Hooper's head) in tow.

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