Brock Doc
First Appearance: Joyce and Walky! 29 January 2009 (subscriber-only strip)
Relatives: Dina Sarazu (mother), Professor Doc (father)
Brock Doc is a minor character in Joyce and Walky!, the son of Dina Sarazu and Professor Doc in an alternate universe. Try not to think about it too much - it doesn't get any less creepy.


Brock was among the legion of "future kids" harvested and brainwashed by Head Alien II in his plot to destroy Joyce and Walky. He was one of the first future kids sent out against Walky and company, largely because of his disturbing background.


  • Brock wasn't the only one of Professor Doc's offspring to appear in Joyce and Walky! - another of his future children popped up when D.J. Wilcox attempted to rescue Bobby Walkerton. This particular one was the product of Professor Doc and a female clone of, uh, himself.

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