Because people keep asking: "When do these kids actually go to class?"

Class Teacher Students Weekdays Time
Calculus Alan Rees Billie, Walky, Sal, Joyce, Mike Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 AM
Calculus (2) Alan Rees? Dina (Tuesday?), Thursday unknown
Gender Studies 101 Leslie Bean Roz, Walky, Joyce, Dorothy, Joe Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1 PM
Introduction to Computers and Computer Science Alex now Alex Amber, Danny Tuesday, Thursday unknown
"Pre-Law" Unknown Sarah, Jacob Monday, Wednesday, (Friday?) unknown
Intro to Logic Unknown Dorothy Monday 8 AM
Physics Unknown Dorothy Unknown unknown
Fuck Everything and the Horse It Came in On Life Billie Tuesday (And pretty much every other day, too.) All the damn time
Journalism Unknown Billie Unknown Unknown


  • As David Willis helpfully pointed out, Dina is in a separate Calculus class from the rest of the cast.
  • The class code Billie gives for "Fuck Everything", COAS 122, actually corresponds to a real class at IU: Interpersonal Communications. Well played, Willis. 
  • Mike has been mentioned to be doing well in his photography class.
  • This is exactly the kind of hard-hitting, essential information fan wikis were made for.

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