Eric is a minor character in Roomies!


Eric Schtuppenstein
Eric roomies
First Appearance: Roomies! 3 October 1999

Eric Schtuppenstein was Mary Bradford's short-lived boyfriend while she was a student at Indiana University. At some point during the semester, the two of them attended a party hosted by Alice, and snuck off to have a very loud game of Scrabble sex while everybody else was busy getting their drink on. After Mary realized that Billie saw them sneaking around, she attempted to protect herself by claiming Billie had relapsed into her alcoholism.

Soon after, it became apparent that Mary had accidentally become pregnant, presumably through Eric. In Is a Song Forever?, the Roomies! epilogue series, it was revealed that Mary ultimately decided to terminate her pregnancy. It can be assumed that her relationship with Eric ended around this time, too.


  • He may be a friend of Alice's.
  • Eric's oddball shirt collar baffles even his creator.
  • Some fans have speculated that he's actually wearing medical scrubs - an interesting detail in light of the fact that Mary ultimately ends up marrying a doctor. But who wears scrubs to a party where you expect to have sex?

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Eric doa
First Appearance: February 22, 2017 [1]

In April 2014, David Willis rediscovered Eric while prepping strips for upload to BringBackRoomies. On a lark, he redrew Eric as a DoA character "who’s super awesome and dynamic and has charisma". He then realized he'd ended up basically drawing Ryan North.

Mike Warner had sex with him to show Ethan that "despite being an irredeemable one-dimensional troll of a non-person, he is still more capable of finding joy than [him]". Poor Ethan could only sputter that he edited a wiki that morning in response. [1]


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