Hank Brown is Joyce Brown's father in the Walkyverse and Dumbing of Age.


Mr. Brown
Hankbrown rm
First Appearance: Roomies! 6 March 1998
Spouse: Carol Brown (wife)
Children: Joyce Brown (daughter), Jonathan Brown (son), Jocelyne Brown (daughter), Jordan Brown (son), Justin Brown (son), Jared Brown (son), David Walkerton (son-in-law)
Grandchildren: Bobby Walkerton (grandson)

Hank and Carol began dating while they were still in college, but had to make some radical changes to their life plans when Carol unexpectedly became pregnant. Carol dropped out, and ultimately wound up having four more children with Hank over the next few years.


Prior to the beginning of Roomies!, the Browns were part of the Indiana University Freshman Orientation tour. The next time they showed up on campus was after Joyce informed them that she was engaged to Danny Wilcox, though Danny ultimately wriggled out of meeting them in favor of spending more time with his girlfriend, Sal Walters. (Given that Joyce had been bringing home "fiances" from the age of 8 onwards, it can be safely assumed that the Browns weren't too broken up about this.)

It's Walky!

After being mind-wiped and recruited by SEMME, Joyce lost contact with her parents for several years. To cover for Joyce's disappearance, SEMME sent the Browns regular letters under her name, talking all about her exciting missionary work spreading God's word in Bulmeria. Since all the letters had Colorado postmarks, the ruse didn't last terribly long.

Upon regaining some of her memories, Joyce returned home to Fort Wayne, Indiana with Joe Rosenthal in tow. She initially told her parents that Joe was a fellow missionary she'd gotten engaged to, but the Browns saw through that story, too.

As a result, when Joyce brought Walky home a year later, her parents' skepticism naturally ran high. However, once it became apparent that Walky was actually dating Joyce, he was quickly accepted into the family.

Joyce and Walky!

Hank was last seen at Joyce and Walky's wedding walking Joyce down the aisle.


  • If that well-marked copy of the Kama Sutra in their bedroom is that any indication, the Browns were enjoying an active sex life into their fifties.
  • Tellingly, Hank refers to it as the "Really Good Book".
  • All of his children's names begin with the letter "J"

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Hank Brown
Hank doa
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 11 September 2010
Spouse: Carol Brown (wife)
Children: Joyce Brown (daughter), Jocelyne Brown (daughter), Jonathan Brown (son), Jordan Brown (son)

Hank is Joyce's God-fearing father. As in the Walkyverse, he seems to be the easiergoing parent of the pair.


Carol and Hank helped Joyce get moved into her dorm at Indiana University. They later came back for Freshman Family Weekend, where an eager Joyce introduced them to Dorothy Keener, her new best friend. When Dorothy revealed that she was an atheist, the Browns immediately hustled their daughter away, warning that people like Dorothy were the cause of Nazism and not to be trusted.[1]

Despite this, Joyce put her foot down, busting out some choice Bible verses to justify her friendship. Her parents reluctantly accepted her decision - Hank more than Carol, who still viewed Dorothy and her parents with extreme suspicion.


  • IU seems to be a Brown family tradition: Carol, Hank, and Jocelyne all were students there at one point.


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