Jake Manley
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 11 February 2009
Affiliations: United States Congress

Jake Manley was Robin DeSanto's colleague in the House of Representatives during her brief Congressional career in Shortpacked!. A childish, candy-addicted dimwit, Jake helped Robin (briefly) bring about total world peace - and achieve her long-held dream of bangin' a real-life duder - after the two embarked on an ill-advised Cadbury Egg bender together.

Coming down from her sugar high, Robin was horrified to discover that she had not only let Jake "doodle her poodle", but even had him film the encounter for purposes of science. Worse still, she had accidentally made the video public, earning her internet notoriety but nearly destroying her relationship with Leslie Bean in the process.

Robin briefly entertained the idea that the two of them might be soulmates, but quickly dropped that thought once it became obvious that Jake was basically her, except with a penis and, y'know, annoying. He hasn't been seen since.

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