Jeremiah Keener
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 13 July 2013
Spouse: Deborah Keener (wife)
Children: Dorothy Keener (daughter)
Jeremiah Keener is Dorothy's loving and progressive father. He and his wife Deborah visited the IU campus during Freshmen Family Weekend to catch up with their daughter and meet Dorothy's new boyfriend, Walky.

During their visit, the Keeners also ran into Joyce Brown's parents. Unsurprisingly, the Browns weren't impressed to learn that Dorothy's parents had raised her areligiously.


  • Looks like Dorothy's bad eyesight comes from her dad.
  • When the character designs for Dorothy's parents were first posted on Tumblr, somebody actually guessed they were Dina's folks. Baffling.
  • "Jeremiah" may also have been the name of Dorothy's biological father in the Walkyverse, who was briefly seen in the hospital in one strip.

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