First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 14 September 2012[1]
Roommate: Becky MacIntyre

Kaitlin is a minor character in Dumbing of Age, and Becky MacIntyre's former roommate at Anderson University.

Spoiler warning!
Plot and/or ending details follow.


First seen as a background character during one of Becky's phone calls with Joyce Brown, Kaitlin quickly grew closer to her roomie as the semester progressed, and friendship soon gave way to attraction.[2] After the two were caught getting intimate just kinda trying over the clothes groping in their dorm room, Kaitlyn was moved to another room and Becky's dad too her out of school, saying that he wanted to "fix" her.[3] Kaitlin herself was only able to escape punishment by blaming Becky for the incident.[4]


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