First Appearance: It's Walky! 29 July 2001
YOB: 1977
Height: 5'2" (approximately)
Squadron(s): Squadron 37
Lith is a SEMME agent and a minor character in It's Walky!


Lith appears to be second-in-command of Squad 37. She has a boyfriend, a fact of which she often has to remind her hormone-addled commander, Hooper.

Lith's first known mission was in the Bermuda Triangle, where she was the only member of the squad not to chase after Monkey Master, instead choosing to contact SEMME HQ for backup. She then participated on the raid on the Martian Embassy alongside her fellow agents, and got felt up when Hooper surprisingly returned from the presumably dead.

She later showed up in a cameo or two, seemingly oblivious to Hooper's increasingly erratic behavior.

On a later mission, Lith and the rest of Squad 37 were out looking for Anti-Head Alien when Hooper turned into a full-blown (although rather chatty) zombie. This may have had something to do with the Martians. Lith was the only one to survive Hooper's attacks, and eventually cut her former commander's head off with his own chainsaw.

She was able to make her way back to SEMME HQ with Anti-Head Alien just as the final battle with the Martians broke out. Realizing that the Martians used regeneration technology to increase their forces, she snuck aboard a Martian craft, presumably to revive her team in a Martian Resurrection Chamber (DNA of the other team members would be caught in Hooper's teeth). While the Martian fleet was destroyed, Lith managed to recover the vital circuits of a resurrection chamber, allowing Joe to build a functioning replica.

Her fate following the dissolution of SEMME is unknown.


  • Lith is, like the rest of Squad 37, based on an actual person, meaning it's unlikely she'll ever appear in the Dumbiverse.
  • Her BFG is based on a watergun she was carrying around at Botcon 2001. It also looks like a giant metal dong, which is amusing, given the real Lith's penchant for drawing Transformer porn.
  • The identity of Lith's boyfriend is never revealed. Perhaps she made him up to keep the LONELY at bay (or at least Hooper).

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