First Appearance: Roomies! 3 February 1999
Affiliations: SEMME
Man-in-Black, AKA Silhouette-of-Man-in-Trenchcoat, is a mysterious government agent briefly featured in Roomies! and It's Walky!. An operative of SEMME, he helps keep key characters safe from the Aliens while simultaneously rocking a stylin' hat.


MIB was first introduced after Joyce Brown relayed her abduction experiences to the COAS Dean, warning her to leave campus before the Aliens could find her and subject her to Rodgers and Hammerstein's finest. Unfortunately, his warnings had the opposite of their intended effect.

He later attempted to protect Sal Walters from the Head Alien, again to no avail. She also stole his hat.

MIB was eventually revealed to be Alan Rees, SEMME's resident alien (expert).

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