First Appearance: It's Walky! 29 July 2001
Squadron(s): Squadron 37
Status: Deceased
Max is a SEMME agent and a minor character in It's Walky!


Max's first known mission was in the Bermuda Triangle, where he chased after Monkey Master. Unlike squadmate Zack, he survived this encounter, and later helped Joyce rescue her comrades from The Cheese.

Later, Max and the rest of Squad 37 were out looking for Anti-Head Alien when Hooper turned into a full-blown (although rather chatty) zombie.
This may have had something to do with the Martians. Max was eaten alive by his own commander, although he spent his final moments, true to form, bitching out Hooper for the gross inaccuracies of his own zombification. It is possible that he had the Abductee ability to ignore massive amounts of pain and/or trauma, or possibly he was just that much of an asshole.


  • Max is, like the rest of Squad 37, based on an actual person, meaning it's unlikely he'll ever appear in the Dumbiverse.
  • Apparently a fan of horror movies.

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