Mr. DeSanto is a minor character in the Walkyverse. A serially unfaithful deadbeat, Mr. DeSanto is undoubtedly responsible for the... distinctive personalities of his daughters Riley, Roz, and Robin.


Mr. DeSanto
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 19 December 2013
Spouse: Mrs. DeSanto (ex-wife)
Children: Robin DeSanto (daughter), Riley DeSanto (daughter), Roz DeSanto (daughter)

By all accounts, Mr. DeSanto was a real piece of work: first he cheated on his wife repeatedly, then became offended when she stopped trusting him as a result of his indiscretions. Mr. DeSanto reached maximum dickishness when he decided to walk out on his family entirely, and hasn't been seen since.

Her father's unfaithful behavior gave Robin a bit of a complex with regards to wannabe lotharios like Joe, at least initially.


  • Almost ten years after Robin's parents were first mentioned, Mrs. DeSanto and her ex-husband finally appeared in an extended flashback in Shortpacked!.
  • Scummy as he was, Mr. DeSanto still only registers 0.2 Amber's Dad Units (ADU) on the philandering parent scale.
  • David Willis hinted in the Shortpacked! comment section that the DeSantos used making more babies as an alternative to marriage counseling.
  • Most likely shares Robin's Catholic faith, even if he doesn't live up to its expectations.
  • His appearance in Shortpacked! was drawn off the cuff.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Mr. DeSanto has only been alluded to in DoA, where he is most likely divorced.

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