Mrs. DeSanto is a character in the Walkyverse and Dumbing of Age, and the mother of at least three strong-willed offspring: Riley, Roz, and Robin. Others may still be lurking in the wings.


Mrs. DeSanto
Mrsdesanto sp
First Appearance: Shortpacked! 19 December 2013
Spouse: Mr. DeSanto (ex-husband)
Children: Robin DeSanto (daughter), Riley DeSanto (daughter), Roz DeSanto (daughter)

Mrs. DeSanto's marriage was a problematic one, filled with multiple blow-ups over her husband's repeated infidelities. After Mr. DeSanto finally made good on his threats and abandoned his family altogether, she did what she could to raise their daughters alone. Robin, however, had other ideas and fled home at 16 after rediscovering her Alien-induced superpowers.

The DeSantos' marital problems were apparently well-known by Robin's squadmates in Squadron 48, as Joe discovered when he attempted to learn a little more about Robin's attitude towards him.


  • Almost ten years after Robin's parents were first mentioned, Mrs. DeSanto and her ex-husband finally appeared in an extended flashback in Shortpacked!.
  • David Willis hinted in the Shortpacked! comment section that the DeSantos used making more babies as an alternative to marriage counseling.
  • It can be safely assumed that Mrs. DeSanto shares her daughter's Catholic faith.
  • Her appearance in Shortpacked! was based on her Dumbing of Age character model.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

Mrs. DeSanto
Mrsdesanto doa
First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 11 November 2013 (mentioned only)
Spouse: Mr. DeSanto (ex-husband)
Children: Robin DeSanto (daughter), Riley DeSanto (daughter), Roz DeSanto (daughter)

Mrs. DeSanto stopped by the Indiana University campus to pick up Riley at the tail end of Freshman Family weekend. Though she did not make a physical appearance in the comic, a character design for Mrs. DeSanto was posted on David Willis's Tumblr.


  • Mrs. DeSanto is most likely divorced in the Dumbiverse as well; Roz's dialogue mentions that she was accompanied by a "Mark" - presumably a boyfriend or even her second husband.

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