Rachel is a minor character from It's Walky! and Dumbing of Age.

Not to be confused with Rachel Jackson.


First Appearance: It's Walky! 7 September 2003
Squadron(s): Squadron 82 (commander?)

Rachel was a member of Squadron 82, alongside Agatha, Robin DeSanto, Travis, and Andy O'Brien.

In 2003, she and the rest of her squadmates (save Agatha) were seriously injured in action during an unspecified mission, putting them out of commission for a week. However, she eventually recovered, and was present when Mike Warner was introduced to the rest of the squad in the hospital.

Rachel was last seen among the SEMME agents menaced by Penny and the brainwashed members of Squadron 135 during the JFO's assault on SEMME. Her ultimate fate is unknown.


  • Her original Walkypedia entry claimed that she, not Agatha, was actually the commander of Squad 82.
  • At one point, Joe tried to use Rachel to cure himself of his shallowness. It didn't really work out.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

First Appearance: Dumbing of Age 7 July 2014
Roommate: Rachel

Rachel is an IU undergrad living in the Clark Wing of Read Hall, and first appeared during the Whiteboard Dingdong Bandit arc. She rooms with another Rachel, and she is considered the Other Rachel of the two. (This is how she is tagged in the strip's archive.) She really should take the trash out once in a while.


  • Her birthday is September 9.
  • Next to Agatha, Rachel seems to be Amazi-Girl's biggest fan in Read Hall.
  • On David Willis's Tumblr, he said that he deliberately changed her hair color to purple when redesigning her for DoA. "Let's face it, she's kind of cramping Amber's style as it is."