The Sensitive Scanner is an extremely powerful scanner for Martian artifacts. As the name implies, the scanner is very sensitive. She's also delicate, easily offended, and a bit of a Drama Queen.

It's Walky!Edit

Sensitive Scanner
First Appearance: It's Walky! 23 July 2001

Head Alien and Monkey Master initially used the Sensitive Scanner to search for Martian ruins, though Head Alien's imperious manner didn't mesh well with the Scanner's high-strung personality. Monkey Master had better luck, and as a result, Head Alien was eventually able to track down the Martian Embassy.

After the death of the Head Alien, Monkey Master later used the Scanner to analyze The Cheese. Sensitive Scanner also picked up the dimensional shift that brought the Fans! cast to the Walkyverse during "The Seventh Power".

Like the Head Alien, Walky, and Joyce, Sensitive Scanner's gender was flipped during the "Anomalie" storyline, turning her into a blunt, rude chauvinist.

The Scanner survived the final battle with the Martians, and has spent the intervening years "up to her ass in hot young cellphones."


  • Like much else in the Walkyverse, her name derives from Transformers fandom -- in this case, from a random aside in notorious badfic Dinobot's Old Technology.
  • Sensitive Scanner apparently watched Blazing Saddles at some point during the "Anomalie" storyline.

Dumbing of AgeEdit

The Sensitive Scanner appears in the Dexter & Monkey Master cartoon, becoming a recurring character in the show's second season.

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