And this year's "Least Dignified Death in the Line of Duty" Award goes to...

Squadron 42 is one of SEMME's lesser squads, typically called into action for recon work and large battles requiring heavy backup. Much like Squadron 37, every member of this squad is based off of a real-life acquaintance of David Willis.


Several, if not all, of Squad 42's operatives used to be good friends before being recruited by SEMME. Members Matt, Graham, and Jenni all appeared in Roomies! as civilians attending BotCon 1999, and were part of Joe Rosenthal's circle of nerd friends.

Following the Year Zero plot, the Squad's first mission of note was to search the remnants of Head Alien's fallen base after its destruction at the hands of David Walkerton, during which time they crossed paths with Squadron 128. While 128 went swimming, Graham successfully retrieved the Power Booster Rod after fending off the surviving Aliens.

They later were seen waiting outside another Alien base in Florida while SEMME Squadron 283 infiltrated it. The squad's initial plan apparently was to join the raid, but after 283 was taken out by an Alien attack, they ended up standing watch over the civilians while 128 rode to the rescue.

The entirety of Squad 42 eventually met a tragic yet hilarious demise after being monkey-humped to death by Monkey Master's monkeys during SEMME mission to the Bermuda Triangle. Sadly, death would not be the final insult for them, as some of their bodies were then used by Mike Warner to plug up Monkey Master's cannons.

However, at least part of the squad seems to have been resurrected since, as Jenni and Graham were seen later in Shortpacked! as customers.



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