A list of Dumbing of Age storylines in order of continuity. For a full timeline, check the Dumbing of Age Timeline.

Book 1: This Campus is a Friggin' Escher PrintEdit

  • Move-In Day: The students begin arriving on campus. Ruth introduces herself by threatening Joyce's femurs. Dorothy breaks up with Danny, who encounters the mysterious Amazi-Girl shortly thereafter.
  • Uphill From Here: Sal and her motorcycle enter the scene. Leslie's Gender Studies class kicks off. Walky shows his affection for Dorothy by pelting her with a plastic toy.
  • Men Are From Beck, Women Are From Clark: Danny and Amber meet in Computer Studies. Ruth takes Billie's cheerleader uniform hostage. Joe and Joyce go on a disastrous date with Mike in tow.
  • The Bechdel Test: Joe and Roz get busy. Amazi-Girl intervenes after Billie and Ruth nearly come to blows. Leslie's students learn about the Bechdel Test. Billie tries to break into journalism. Joyce discovers Dorothy is an atheist.
  • Media Rumble: Joe and Roz's sex tape becomes major news on campus. Amber and Danny get closer. Dorothy and Walky sorta get closer. Billie accidentally learns a few of Ruth's secrets and spends a night in the closet.
  • Yesterday Was Thursday: Congresswoman DeSanto arrives on campus on a damage control mission. Dorothy, Joyce, and Billie attend a party that goes south in a hurry.

Book 2: I Beg You, Don't Cast Your Body Into The Cragged Shame Pits of The LustwolvesEdit

  • Pajama Jeans: Walky discovers pajama jeans. The girls deal with the post-party fallout. Ethan has an ethical crisis. Joyce and her friends spend a day at the beach, or a reasonable imitation thereof.
  • Choosing My Religion: Joyce rounds up people to go to church. Danny and Billie have a... close encounter. Walky and Dorothy's relationship deepens. Ethan and Joyce make a date (with Jesus).
  • The First Step Towards Recovery: Billie continues to get no respect. Walky and Dorothy make it official. Danny and Amazi-Girl spend some quality time together.
  • Time Keeps On Slippin': Walky finally gets his pajama jeans. Billie and Ruth have a confrontation where neither of them draws blood, much to Sarah's disappointment. Ethan introduces Joyce to the deep Biblical parallels of Transformers. Dorothy encounters Amazi-Girl.
  • Saturday's All Right For Slighting: Billie takes Joyce, Sarah, and Dina on an ill-fated mall adventure. Sarah's past is revealed. Walky and Dorothy break up over his pajama jeans, though the split doesn't last.
  • Strange Beerfellows: Amber takes Dina under her wing. Ruth and Billie bond over beer and volleyball. Dorothy and Walky have a sleepover. Amber and Danny get a late-night pizza. Joyce has an... interesting dream.

Book 3: Your Stupid Overconfidence is NostalgicEdit

  • If The Shoe Splits: Walky learns some valuable lessons about shoes. Jason gives Sal a little one-on-one time. Ruth and Billie's relationship takes an interesting new turn.
  • Guess Who's Coming To Galasso's: Joyce and Ethan go on a double date. Walky flies too close to the sun. Danny gets more than he bargained for when he helps Amazi-Girl fight campus crime.
  • Answers in Hennessy: Joyce gets a flu shot and a bad case of gay panic, in that order. Amber and Danny get some comic books. Billie gets her Big Damn Hero moment, and learns a few things about Ruth in the process. Joyce is sucked head-first into Dexter and Monkey Master.
  • Just Hangin' Out With My Family: All hell breaks loose when parents descend on the IU campus for Freshman Family Weekend.

Book 4: Amazi-Girl is Always Prepared for Anything Edit

  • The Only Dope For Me Is You: Amber has a terrible day. Ruth tries to do something nice for Billie. Amazi-Girl battles her archnemesis, Scumbag Dad. Dorothy and Walky perform a sex.
  • I Was A Teenage Churchmouse: Hoodie dress fever sweeps the campus. Joyce googles "strap-on". Amber faces the repercussions of her vigilante activities. Dorothy and Joyce discover a shocking secret. 
  • Up All Night To Get Vengeance: Clark Hall embraces door decorations. Amber tries to get payback. Billie's self-confidence runs out. Joyce's frustration mounts. Danny is helpful. DoA's readers discover the clitoris.
  • The Whiteboard Dingdong Bandit: Amazi-Girl investigates when Clark Hall's whiteboards get all penis-y. Billie ruins everything she touches (and even some things she didn't touch). Danny makes an important discovery.

Book 5: Hey, Everybody! I'm a Lesbian!Edit

  • When Somebody Loved Me: Marcie gets some backstory. Walky and company track down Billie. Ruth expands her wardrobe. Joyce gets a little more than she bargained for when a surprise visitor arrives on campus.
  • Three's a Crowd: Amazi-Girl goes on patrol. Joyce does a little research.
  • The Butterflies Won't Fly Away: Joyce and Becky throw a party in Joyce's dorm room.
  • Walking with Dina: Willis temporarily violates his personal code of comic conduct for Dina's sake. Things proceed (mostly) adorably.

Book 6: Untitled Edit

  • To Those Who'd Ground Me: Walky's epic plans for the future start to seem less likely. Becky's dad shows up on campus and things get chaotic quickly.
  • That Perfect Girl: Mary gets fed up with Carla's antics. Joyce's dad comes to take her home for a visit.
  • When God Closes the Door

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