David Willis has sold a number of t-shirts based on both Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age. Check out his store often!

Shortpacked! Edit

  • Hawtsome
  • I'm Gardening Man
  • Lupus Luna Trion
  • Medication
  • Never Presume a Man Does Not Have Ninjas At His Disposal
  • No, I'm Batman
  • Reagan Lives
  • You can't afford my hugs
  • Your mom says hi

Dumbing of Age Edit

  • Butt-Taco - Is it a butt? Is a taco? No one knows.
  • Dig It - The words "Dig It" above a picture of a bone. Is it about paleontology or about boners? That's something everyone has to decide for themselves.
  • Evolution - This shirt contains an image based on the classic March of Progress illustration. It shows four stages: Fish, Amphibian, Dinosaur, Dina

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