In It's Walky!, David Walkerton owned a black 1986 Dodge Ram 50 with manual transmission, tarted up with a variety of fast food-related accessories.

Like many SEMME employees' vehicles, the truck was kept in SEMME's downtown housing building.

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Plot and/or ending details follow.

During the Year Zero plot, Walky, Joyce Brown, and Jason Chesterfield wound up taking the truck to SEMME HQ after the SEMME Central Computer shut them out of the SEMME shuttlecraft. Despite Jason's misgivings, they arrived more or less in one piece.


  • Walky's truck was based on "Kup," the pick-up David Willis inherited from his father when he started art school and continued to drive for several years after. Kup finally bit the dust in 2005, inspiring this touching tribute.
  • Like its real-life counterpart, the AM radio only seems to pick up "some kinda Yodel Network."

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