Here are the policies that all Walkypedia editors must follow.

Wikia Community Guildlines

As we are a Wikia wiki, the Wikia Community Guidelines and other Wikia rules will naturally be in force.

No Linking to Paid Content

David Willis has produced material that has been made exclusively available, either through his store, Patreon, or Slipshine. Unauthorized re-posting of that material is a violation of the author's rights. Therefore, this material is not to be posted on Walkypedia, either of the Joyce and Walky! paid links (the strip's storyline page is locked for this reason) or links to other content through image-hosting sites. First-time violators will receive notification. Repeated violations of this policy will result in bans for the offending editor.


Vandalism is an express violation of Wikia policy. While Walkypedia is a rather informal and snarky wiki due to the nature of the fanbase, certain attitudes can be considered vandalism.

  • Misgendering Carla, Jocelyne Brown or any other trans* characters, whether they are revealed or introduced in the future, will be considered vandalism.
  • Slut-shaming involving either fictional or real life persons will be considered vandalism.
  • In this vein, ableism/racism/outright misogyny/etc. will be considered vandalism.
  • While David Willis can be a brash individual towards certain critics, abject slurs toward him will be considered vandalism. We try not to insult the characters featured on Walkypedia, with limited deflection toward in-storyline portrayals of obvious villains, and the same consideration shall be given to their creator(s).
  • That having been said, insults towards characters will be considered vandalism. Limited exceptions can be made, as above, for obvious villains (Ross MacIntyre, Mary Bradford, etc.) as long as they are in-storyline and do not consume the article. Canon statements (e.g. "Mike is an asshole") are allowed.


Walkypedia has various sections devoted to discussions. Whether in the chat room, in the forums, on blog posts, or walls, the following rules shall apply:

  • The material mentioned in first three buttons of "Vandalism" shall not be tolerated.
  • No swearing or insults towards other editors.
  • If a discussion gets too heated, or someone complains to the admins, action will be taken.


Spam is not allowed.

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